FCD-155E Ethernet over SDH/SONET ADM

RAD's FCD-155E Ethernet over SDH/SONET add/drop multiplexer transports next-generation Ethernet and TDM traffic over STM-1/OC-3 fiber or copper links.

The FCD-155E add/drop multiplexer also supports E1, T1, E3, and T3 services. The traffic is mapped into the SDH/SONET frame and can be terminated at any point on the network.

Used as an add/drop multiplexer on the SDH/SONET ring (or as a terminal multiplexer at the remote site), the FCD-155E supports generic framing procedure (GFP) and virtual concatenation, enabling IP channel bandwidth configuration in increments of 2 Mbps (VC-12), 1.5 Mbps (VT 1.5) or 50 Mbps (VC-3 or STS-1) at up to 100 Mbps wire speed.

Carriers and service providers will deploy the product to leverage optical bandwidth for revenue-generating Ethernet services, while enterprises, utilities and campuses can use the FCD-155E to provide LAN services over existing fiber optic infrastructure.

  • Provides revenue-generating next generation Ethernet services while preserving investment in legacy SDH / SONET networks
  • Optimizes bandwidth utilization over existing SDH / SONET networks and/or STM-1 / OC-3 tributaries
  • Expands Ethernet service offerings of carriers and service providers
  • Multi-service functionality combining TDM and Ethernet in the same box:
    • Optional 2/6 x 10/100BaseT or single GbE user port
    • Optional 8/21 x E1, 8/28 x T1 or single E3/DS3/STM-1/OC-3 user port
  • Available in both add/drop or terminal multiplexer configurations
  • Supports generic framing procedure (GFP)
  • Supports X.86 encapsulation with virtual concatenation (VCAT) protocols
  • Available with standard APS protection on the main link
  • Optional dual power supply configuration
  • Compact size and low cost
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