Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện STM-1 Optical/Electrical Converter

 STM-1 SDH Optical Mulitplexer
Bộ chuyển đổi quang điện STM-1 Optical/Electrical Converter

Product Details

STM-1 electrical and optical converter realizes STM-1 conversion between optical and electrical signal. This device is widely used in SDH network and connection with other terminal devices at the rate of 155.520Mbit/s.
Technical Features
-> High reliability. This converter has passed the strict test and verification. Comply with ITU-T G.707, G.957
-> Meticulous design circuit: This converter can be ensure to work normal in the various modes and conditions. During the installation, the different length cable between electrical and optical may cause the problem such as signal attenuation. This device solves this problem and ensure the high performance.
-> With perfect function: This device offers optical and electrical ports. Two kinds of loop back functions are offered to test the STM-1 signal and connection between the devices. This is easy for the installation and maintenance.
-> Widely and flexible application. This converter is widely used for the connection with data terminal devices at the rate of 155.520Mbit/s, such as SDH, ATM etc. Both fractional or unframe is workable.
-> Easy installation. Just connect the electrical and optical cable to the electrical and optical port to make the device in work.
-> Compact design. Be able to put any suitable place.
General Features
-> Dimensions:220×165×35mm
-> Weight: 900g
-> Power supply: 220V±20%,-36 ~ -72V
-> Power consumption: <5W
-> Environment temperature: 0℃-50℃

Typical Application Diagram

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