Dây nối quang - FO Pigtails

Singlemode Pigtail FC or SC

Compliant with Telcordia, TIA/EIA/IEC

Ferrule Outer Diameter 2.5 mm
Cord SM 9/125
Connector Type FC, SC
Boot Color PC: blue
APC: green
Materials Ferrule Zirconia
Spring Stainless Steel
Ring Brass
Crimping ring Aluminum
Boot Santopren
Dust cap LD PE
Coupling Device Brass
Frame PBT
Washer Brass
Cable Optical Fiber: 9/125
LSZH jacket
Length 1 m
Technical Characteristics Insertion Loss < 0,3 dB
Return Loss PC: > 50 dB
APC: > 60 dB
Endface Radius PC: 10mm<R<25mm (0.39''< R <0.98'')
APC: 5mm<R<12mm (0.2''< R <0.47'')
Apex Offset < 50um (0.002'')
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)