Máy đo ADSL2+ ST332B

ST332B ADSL2+ Tester

ST332B tester is a multi-functional and hand-held ADSL2+ test instrument with small size, specially designed for xDSL line test (xDSL include: ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL etc) and maintenance. It provides xDSL test, dial test, DMM test, Modem emulation, telephone call function, line voltage indication and so on.

The tester adopts LCD display and menu operation which can display the test results directly and improve the xDSL broadband service greatly. It’s the best choice for the field operators of installation and maintenance.

Key Features

●Test objects: ADSL; ADSL2; ADSL2+; READSL

● Fast copper tests with DMM (AC V, DC V, Loop and Insulation Resistance, Capacitance)

● Supports modem emulation and simulating login to Internet

● Supports ISP login (username / password) and IP Ping test (WAN PING Test, LAN PING Test)

● Supports all multi-protocol, PPPoE / PPPoA (LLC or VC-MUX) 

● Connects to CO via alligator clip or RJ11

● Rechargeable Li Battery

● Beep and LEDs alarm indications (Lower Power, PPP, LAN, ADSL)

● Data memory capacity: 50 records

● LCD display, menu operation

● Auto shut off if no any operation on keyboard

● Compliant with all known DSLAMs

● Software management

● Simple, portable and money-saved

Main Functions

Ø     DSL physical layer test

Ø     Modem emulation (Replace the user Modem completely)

Ø      PPPoE dialing  (RFC1683,RFC2684,RFC2516

Ø      PPPoA dialing  (RFC2364)

Ø      IPoA dialing

Ø      Telephone call function

Ø      DMM test (AC Voltage: -400 to 400 V; DC Voltage: 0 to 290 V; Capacitance:0 to 1000nF, Loop Resistance: 0 to 20KΩ;Insulation Resistance: 0 to 50MΩ;Distance Test)

Ø     Ping function (WAN & LAN)

Ø     Data upload to computer by RS232 core and software management

Ø     Setup system parameter: backlight time, shut off automatically time without operation, press tone, revise PPPoE/PPPoA dial attribute, user name and password, restore factory value and so on.     

Ø     Check dangerous voltage

Ø     Four grades service judge(Excellent, Good ,OkPoor)