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Rechargeable Wire Wrapping Tool

Xuất xứ: Hãng P&J - Hàn Quốc
P/N: WWT-R02

This is a product used for connecting jumper line to the terminal box that is equipped with the best function and workability compared to the existing product. This has the dual use of wrap & unwrap the use of 3,000 times with 3 hours(one battery) of recharging, In addition, use the reserve battery to continue the work without stopping the work, as well as provided spare battery helps not to stop your working.

Functions and Features

-          High efficiency of the work for dual purpose of wrap and unwrap

-          When wrap work is undertaken, the external pipe of the bit is fixed and the rotation is made only inside of the bit

-          Recharge and use hour ; 3-hours recharge, 3-hours use


-          Input power : DC 12Voltage

-          Size : 178mm x 160mm x 46mm

-          RPM : 12,600RPM

-          Reduced RPM : 3,000RPM

-          Long use : 3,000 times

-          Bit : winding and unwinding(Out diameter :4.2mm)

-          Length : 80mm

-          Weight : 300g

 Consist of product

-          Main body : 1PCS

-          Bit(0,5mm -0,65mm) : 2PCS(wrap & unwrap)

-          Adaptor : 1PCS(AC DC)

-          Portable Charger : 1PCS

        -          Rechargeable Battery(Ni-MH) : 2PCS