Vmux-110 Voice Trunking Gateway

  • Compresses four or eight FXS/FXO/E&M voice lines or a single E1/T1 voice line over an E1/T1, serial or IP link.
  • Up to 16:1 voice compression, combined with silence suppression and
    TDMoIP multiplexing for maximal bandwidth savings
  • Built-in echo cancellation ensures high-quality communications
  • Dynamic jitter buffer minimizes voice degradation
  • More bandwidth efficient than standard VoIP
  • Compatible with all VSATs
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols and telephony features
  • Enhanced relay mechanisms for fax/modem/DTMF/special tones
  • Additional user LAN port with voice/data prioritization
  • Local and remote management via ASCII terminal, Telnet, or RV-SC/Vmux
  • Compact, 1U high, half 19-inch wide unit

Figure 1. Data and Compressed Digital/Analog Voice over IP Network

The Vmux-110 remote voice trunking gateway is a customer-located device that complements the Vmux system, providing LAN and compressed voice transmission over both TDM and Ethernet-based networks. Employing powerful voice compression algorithms as well as TDMoIP technology, the Vmux-2100 can compress a full E1/T1 or 4 or 8 analog lines, leaving more bandwidth for data transport.

Voice compression reduces line costs

Vmux-110 remote site voice trunking gateway compresses voice traffic and transports it over an n x 64 kbps, E1/T1 or IP link. The device employs G.723.1, G.729 Annex A and G.711 compression algorithms together with RAD’s unique TDMoIP multiplexing, and is transparent to all signaling protocols and LAN.

Silence suppression improves bandwidth utilization

Voice activity detection and silence suppression allow these Vmux units to dynamically allocate bandwidth for voice traffic. This results in very efficient bandwidth usage, leaving more bandwidth for data transport, further controlled with rate limiting capabilities.

Ethernet port for data

For data connectivity, the customer-located Vmux-110 features a second 10/100 BaseT port and an Ethernet switch for integrating the user LAN traffic with the compressed voice over an IP, serial or E1/T1 uplink.

The Vmux-110 is a compact, 1U-high, half 19-inch wide unit that can be mounted in a 19" rack. It supports four or eight FXS/FXO/E&M ports or a single full or fractional E1/T1 voice port. The unit is available with either an AC or DC power supply.

Figure 2. Data and Compressed Digital/Analog Voice over Satellite Link

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